Craft Time! Pandemic Edition

It has been a while since I was feeling ~crafty~, but a rainy day seemed like the perfect time to pull out my sewing machine and my little bin of fabrics I’ve been accumulating. A couple years ago, I bought a bunch of these crafting squares when they were on sale. (I might have hadContinue reading “Craft Time! Pandemic Edition”

Book Review: Holly by William Aime

When I saw that the cover of this book features a giant axe, I was hoping I knew what the title of this murder mystery refers to. Holly is a retelling of (or at least inspired by) the fourteenth-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. If you haven’t read it, don’t worry: there isContinue reading “Book Review: Holly by William Aime”

Garden Phase 1: Operation Onion

I am not an experienced gardener. My experience with growing anything edible before this was limited to basil plants, which I grew for a few years in a row. (More on that another time.) What I learned from that experience was that plants, in general, want to grow. All you have to do is giveContinue reading “Garden Phase 1: Operation Onion”

Worm Bin: The Beginning

In early March, I met a friend at her local community garden to help her and her husband plant a vegetable garden in their newly acquired garden plot. I arrived to find them unloading a wheelbarrow full of flats of vegetables and flowers, small packets of seeds, and a Tupperware container of ground egg shellsContinue reading “Worm Bin: The Beginning”

Cleaner Air

In September of 1989, NASA researchers published a paper titled “Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution Abatement.” This report, generally known as the NASA clean air study, concluded that common houseplants are able to remove harmful chemicals from the air. The pollutants studied include formaldehyde and benzene. These volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, areContinue reading “Cleaner Air”

Books: Several Years In Review

I logged onto Goodreads the other day for the first time in years. Some of the books in my Currently Reading list were long finished, others I had abandoned and forgotten about. It was hard to think of books to put on my virtual shelves. I remembered the books I had read over the lastContinue reading “Books: Several Years In Review”

The Alien Is the Real Love Story

Why Venom (2018) was pretty great. [Spoilers! But not for the ending.] I did not see Venom in theaters because I could not find anyone who would see it with me. The film was getting panned by critics, but I was hearing good things from people I knew. They said it was surprisingly fun, withContinue reading “The Alien Is the Real Love Story”